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Photo Reactor
Nodal Image Processor
Photo Reactor
Windows 10,8,7

Build your own Image Effects

Photo Reactor is a Nodal Image Processor to create new effects that can be then applied to your photos directly or used inside Adobe Photoshop with Reactor Player plug-in.
You can assemble your new effect from many supplied blocks and modules.

Self Documenting Principle

Build effects from Blocks and Modules

Neo Raphaelites Preset

System Requirements

The software is designed and tested for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, 64-bit There are no special requirements for graphics card but your computer should have at least 8GB of RAM Memory, 16GB would be optimal. For processor, we recommend at least Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent.

Run your effects in Adobe Photoshop

With the release of Reactor Player for Photoshop you can now run your new effects inside Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts.
Photo Reactor + Reactor Player for Photoshop
With ordinary image editors such as Photoshop many steps become lost unless you take notes (such as what two layers you need to merge, what effects to apply and in what order). The tutorials for creating Photoshop effects tends to span across many pages and yet it is still easy to make mistake. With Nodal image editing all the steps are always in front of you all the time. You can re-arrange, add or delete the blocks at any time at will and it will automatically update the effect.

Use in Dynamic Auto Painter

Many internal effects in Dynamic Auto Painter are created with Photo Reactor. With full version of Photo Reactor you can create new effects or edit the existing ones (there is more than 150 of them in DAP6).

Main Features

More than 100 building blocks There is a vast array of modules you can use form all basic image and color processing to even more obscure ones.
Film Simulator Module Over 50 different film stocks and camera simulations using HALD CLUT.
Sliders and knobs You can add sliders and knobs directly to the interface for “hands-on” edditing of pimportant parameters.
Reactor Script With Reactor Script you can write your own basic blocks in a high level C++ that is fast and has easy direct classes to access image pixels.
Expand with SDK The software can generate a c++ SDK source code project for its own plug-in architecture where you set up everything visually and then fill-up the image processing in Visual Studio. .
Easy to start but it grows with you When you look at a complicated effect it may seems a bit alien. But don’t worry, the software is actually very easy to understand. Simply drag the blocks from the lists and connect them together.
Connect External Apps Part of your Reactor flow can be an external image coming from apps such as adobe Photoshop. Any time you save the image in Photoshop the Reactor effect will update as well.
Monitors You can plug different type of scopes and monitors at any step of your effect that will help you to refine the process and understand what is going on by looking at it from different perspective.
The created effects can be then directly applied to other images. You can also use batch functionality to process hundreds of images at a time.

Tools for Advanced Users


Use in other apps

We are constantly adding the reactor runtime to other applications where you can use your own designed effects: UltraSnap PRO 5, Style Animator, Dynamic Auto Painter, Reactor Player….
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