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Block Photo Effect editor with unlimited possibilities. Create thousands of fantastic effects that may be difficult to achieve in a standard image editor.  
Photo-Reactor is a new type of Modular (or nodal) Image editor. Unlike standard image editors it offers a birds eye view of your whole process all at once. Every step can be changed or re- arranged at any time and the whole process can be applied to other images right away. If you love to experiment with image processing you will find this an invaluable tool.

Photo-reactor is a powerful tool to build effects that are difficult to make in most normal editors.


You can use from more than 100 supplied factory modules:

image segmentations, paint effects, diffusion, anisotropic morphing, Light Studio, Film simulations with HALD CLUT and more, then chain them all together with buttons and knobs and create new work-flows.





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Photo Reactor 32/64 bit WIN
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Photo Reactor

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Version 1.8.1
Build brand new effects from hundred of modules
Once it’s done the effects are reusable over and over again
Automatic Soft Backup
Wrap it up
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As you work on your image, you don't just edit that single photo. You are automatically creating the editing "flow" that can be easily applied to any other images with just a single click.





A processed and exported JPG image will remember the editing effect that created it. The same effect can be later applied to any other image even if you no longer have the original project file. Just drag and drop it back to Photo-Reactor... This also solves the tedious task of archiving many different versions of the same effect. The image itself becomes the effect! If you like it, you can apply it to any other image. It is that simple.

One of the many great features is the process of encapsulation. If you create an effect that you like, you can just simply wrap it to a brand new effect. Then use it later as a single object or reuse it in other Mediachance software.





Bundle with Reactor Player Photoshop Plug-in (WIN)
Now you can run your created effects in Adobe Photoshop with the new Reactor Player plug-in.
What’s new in 1.8: - You can link Knobs together -Split screen on the output image -Film Simulator object (uses Hald CLUT)  with number of simulators included You can get Hald CLUT preset files from RawTherapee and Gimp See more
new ! Over 50 different film stock and camera simulations
Film Simulator
Photo Reactor 1.7 Reactor Player 1.1
32-bit version here
Happy accidents are never lost

You don’t have to remember the steps of what you did, if you discover some cool effect.

With nodal editing, the whole “recipe” is right there in front of you all the time.





Dig Even Deeper

One of the modules in Photo- Reactor is called Reactor Script.

It is like having a whole new software inside.


With Reactor Script you can write your own modules in a high level C++ that is fast and has easy direct classes to access image pixels.


Of course this is fully optional so if you are not up to the task of writing code, don’t worry.




When needed you can create a very complex image operations
Self Documenting nature of nodal editors
If you want to recreate a complex effect in a normal editor such as Photoshop you need a verbal explanation which steps you need to take and in what order. A finished project doesn’t carry enough information by itself to be successfully replicated. You need also notes or recorded actions otherwise many things would be lost in time. Nodal editors such as Photo-Reactor are naturally Self-Documenting. There is no project and notes. The project itself is the documentation how to create the final effect and can be used to apply the effect to any other images at any time. But also importantly, you can re-arrange things “back in time”. For example in Photoshop if you make a operation on layers but that happened hundreds of steps ago, it is difficult to go back and change a small thing without redoing a lot of steps that followed. Nodal editors are self updating. You can change anything, even if it was hundreds of steps ago and everything will update with the new changes accordingly.
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