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CompactDraw combines features you can find in different vector and bitmap editors and some you can hardly find elsewhere. The list of all the features would be too long so here are at least the most important:

  • Vector editing with Beziers and Polynomes
  • Editing shape of the text with Envelope
  • Texture Mix with hundreds of textures, Transparency texture mix
  • GenetX Procedural Textures and Colors - millions of combinations
  • Bitmap Effects from standard Saturation, Sharpen, Boost to some exotic effects
  • Arrow Line object - great for tutorials
  • Four levels of Antialiasing
  • Antialiased rotation of bitmaps - any angle
  • Style Library and Object Library
  • Effects: Smooth, Flat and Framed Bevels, Feather, Drop Shadow, Glow, Sun Shadow, Halo, Cutout and more...
  • You can apply effects on any object
  • Everything is editable all the time.
  • Nondestructive editing
  • Export with detailed preview, quality control, size image and sharpen.
  • Exported JPGs are produced with better quality on smaller size than with many of the high-priced software
  • A special Editable E-JPG export. E-JPEG is compatible with standard JPG. You can view it with web browser or any graphic application, and if you load it into CompactDraw you can again edit the objects.
  • Multimedia Export to Multimedia Builder or generic to any authoring tool
  • Smart nondestructive Crop
  • Nested Grouping
  • Fill textures can be rotated, shifted or distorted
  • Bargain Price

To find out more about CompactDraw see full Online Manual.

See also History to find out about the most recent release.

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