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About MediaChance
We at Mediachance love to bring back vintage audio gear to life! The first thing to replace are of course all the rubber belts and tires. This project started some time ago as a single cross-referenced database with all the available belts and tires, with their sizes and models of gear where they are used. Currently the database has more than 60000 entries with more than 1700 parts all measured and referenced. Super easy to use and super fast to search! For Windows 7,8,10.
Easy and reliable way to create PCBs on common woodworking CNC routers using Isolation Voronoi method.

Here you can find a number of Apps written for electronics, vintage repair, arduino etc.

Many of the applications were originally written as an internal tool.

APPS for Electronics

Visual rapid development tool for creating micro GUI for arduino with LCD displays, rotary encoders and buttons. Easily create menus and data entries and generate full non- blocking source code.

Automatically turns a photo into painting inspired by real world artists

Dynamic image editor and effect processor with absolutely unlimited possibilities

Enhance Dynamic Range of your images for Eye- Catching results

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