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MIDI Keyboard Macros can also work with MIDI rotation and slider controls using its powerful Scripting Language. You can for example use just a single MIDI slider to cycle between tools in Photoshop, change brush transparency or create a multiple text clipboard and select which clipboard to use with a knob. Pads and keys can also transmit velocity so you may create macro where pressing a pad will trigger one action (for example moving to next word in text processor) but hitting it harder will trigger a different action (for example selecting the next word)
Windows 7,8,10 (5MB)



Launch Windows Short-keys and Macros like never before

MIDI Keyboard Macros is a sister application to our Multi-Keyboard Macros. Instead of using computer keyboards, it allows you to use various MIDI devices to act as a Macro triggers. You can now use your MIDI pads, keyboards or controllers to create short-keys and macros for graphics apps, video editing, 3D software, text editors … yes even music apps in a way that it wasn’t possible before.

What kind of Macros can you create?

More than just a simple Macro trigger

Turn your MIDI pads, keyboards or controllers into the most sophisticated Macro triggers, app launchers, clipboard processor and more


Fire a simple shortcut such as CTRL+C with a single pad/key.

Complex Macros

An infinite combination of Shortcuts, Keys, Text typing, Pauses…You can even add a Mouse click for apps that have only buttons.

Type a Text

Macros can type a text for you that you need often, like greetings, signature, address, etc…
Now you can add a keyboard macro recorder to any of your Windows applications with Quick Macro Record function. Pressing Play key will then play that recorded macro back in your app. You can even save it for later. The sky is the limit!

Keyboard Recorder and Player

Launch Application, Web Page

Launch Applications or open often used documents, folders or web pages by pressing a single key.

Complex Scripted actions

With the powerful Script Editor the possibilities are endless. Write your own script, process clipboard text, load save files, use velocity or MIDI sliders and knobs…

Yes to Multiple MIDI devices

Version 2.30

Release Notes

Version 2.30 (05/06/2022) - Refresh build (there are some minor fixes accumulated over time) - SYSEX button to send sysex to device when activated Version 2.29 (20/10/2020) - now the LED lights work with Novation LAUNCHPAD mini MK3 - added Refresh LED button to cycle the LEDs OFF and ON. Version 2.28 (08/07/2020) - SendKeyStroke command in script can now accept F13 - F24 keys. Ex: SendKeyStroke("SHIFT F16") - SendKeyStroke command in script now accept right side modifiers: RSHIFT RCTRL RALT. Ex: SendKeyStroke("RSHIFT B") - Keyboard Shortcut Macro now distinguish right side modifiers (Right Shift, Right Control, Right Alt) - Bug fix: Keyboard Shortcut Macro dialog would not recognize Alt + key Version 2.26 - don’t use - a bug in playback of previously created key shortcuts Version 2.25 (06/07/2020) - Right Click option in Mouse Click and Match & Click macros Version 2.20 (01/07/2020) - Added Match and Click action - it will search for an area on screen (for example text field on web page form, button etc) and then click with mouse relative to that area. - Added Locate to locate macro in the list Version 2.10 (06/05/2020) - ability to move sliders on screen using script (see chapter in manual 3.12 Slider Function) - added implicit array initialization in script - toolbar in script window Version 2.05 (01/05/2020) - addition of KEY_OFF macro block for triggering key release (see manual chapter 3.26 Note OFF) Version 2.04 (24/04/2020) - Script fix. Somehow SendKeyStroke command omitted Escape key. Both ESC and ESCAPE now works, example: SendKeyStroke(“ESC”) Version 2.03 - Support for High DPI devices such as Microsoft Surface Version 2.02 - Added SendMIDI message to script - added NOTE OFF trigger Version 2.0 (10/03/2020) - First public version. Starts from version 2, in order to be in sync with Multi-Keyboard Macros.

Macros are assigned to the device for which they were defined. This allows you to add multiple MIDI devices that can do their own separate

things. For example pressing note A2 on one MIDI device can trigger a different macro than pressing the same key on a second MIDI device.

The only limitation is that these device should be different models (or even just versions) in order for the application to clearly recognize them as

separate devices because.


Light Touch

No need to take your eyes from the screen! Find the correct macro easily by lightly touching your finger across the velocity sensitive pads - it will display the Macro Name on the screen without triggering the Macro.

Setup and Basic Operation

Visual Clues

You can directly set pad colors from the interface for the “matrix” launch type devices such as APC mini. Furthermore you can control the lights from the script as well for some customized functionality.

Control On-Screen Elements

Control application sliders with MIDI slider or knob on your controller. Even if your application doesn’t have shortcuts for all the functions, you can now click on buttons or move its sliders from within the script.
…and more!

Long Term Support and regular updates

We aspire the Multi keyboard Macros and MIDI Keyboard Macros to eventually become the best all-around Macro software for windows. We have many plans and future updates how to expand the software as they are also one of our most frequently used applications in our own office.

Match and Click

Our new automatic feature matching option works for elements that may not be always found on the same position, like web page buttons, web text entries etc. Simply define an area and the software will visually search for it on the screen, just like a person would, then click on it.
*Animations on this page were created with our Style Animator, try it today!

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