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Adobe Illustrator export To export vector objects as path: From Edit mode select File->Export to Illustrator. There are many flavors of Adobe Illustrator and for compatibility reasons with other applications we decided to go with Illustrator 8 format. In some applications you need to specify the version as Adobe Illustrator 8.0 during import file type. The import was tested in: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Xara Designer PRO. (Note: the UltraSNAP version 4.5 improves XARA compatibility and now drag and drop also works) Paste vectors to Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop Adobe products will recognize illustrator format in clipboard so you can easily paste vector shapes from UltraSNAP. In editing mode select Edit->Copy w/ Transparency-> Copy Selection as Vector (Illustrator format) and then just paste them in Adobe product. Note, only the shapes and basic color will be pasted. The special effects you can get in UltraSnap cannot be pasted as vectors. For that you need to use 32- PNG or 32-DIB. In general Adobe Illustrator clipboard format works mostly in Adobe products. Paste object with transparency You can now paste selected objects from Ultrasnap to other applications as bitmaps using full transparency. You need to copy it in appropriate format as there is not yet commonly agreed system: Edit->Copy w/ Transparency-> Copy Selection As 32-bit PNG (or 32-bit DIB) Some applications will be able to paste 32-bit PNG, some will work with 32-bit DIB (also known as DIB5). Some application may understand DIB5 but will paste it as 24-bit. For example: 32-bit PNG copy/paste: Adobe Fireworks, Microsoft office, Affinity Photo 32-bit DIB (DIB5) copy/paste: XARA Designer PRO Some applications will be not able to paste with transparency regardless what you choose: for example Adobe Photoshop will recognize 32-bit DIB but paste it as normal 24-bit DIB.
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