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Ver. 5.0.1 Windows 7,8,10 (40MB)
US $49
Version 5
UltraSnap PRO version 5 The version 5 is a complete update of the entire code for modern compiler and using newest graphic libraries
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UNICODE, 64-bit and faster than ever! The version 5 had been rebuild from the ground up
GIF Animations You can now easily create GIF animations, even capture part of the screen as animation and combine it with your own graphics. Great for quick animated explainers or pop-up graphics that can be shown on the web just like any images.
Signature Tool Write or draw with your mouse while still producing smooth shapes. Signature tool also includes line-graphics tracer for even more flexibility. Don’t get stuck on the name - this tool can be used for any complex hand-drawn vector shapes, not just signature.
Shape Reactor Use Reactor effects to shape vector objects in a brand new way. If you have Photo-Reactor you can also design your very own effects to shape and change vector objects interesting way - still producing vector objects at the end while using bitmap based effects…
Even more effects with Bitmap Reactor Use Reactor effects to change bitmaps and apply new effects If you have Photo-Reactor you can also design your very own bitmap effects and plug-ins.
More Robust SVG import The SVG import had been improved to be able to import more complex SVG files.
Object Properties Now you can change the object properties directly with the properties window.
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