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Ai Photo & Art Enhancer

Add incredible detail to your photos and art using artificial intelligence. Increase resolution of photos, up to 16x the amount of pixels Increase details and colors of paintings made with Dynamic Auto Painter Create gallery print-worthy quality of your digital art Modern Noise Reduction for photos and 3d graphics Enlarge drawings and vector-type art Increase resolution of 3D rendered images, while suppressing noise in partially rendered images Simplify Photos or 3D rendered image into a vector-like graphics Ultra powerful Noise Reduction model Batch Processing
Stop being limited by the resolution of your camera's sensor. Create 100 Megapixel images from just an ordinary camera for enlargement, crop or print.

Enlarge Photos with up to 16 x the amount of pixels

$39.00  One-Time, single purchase
Add incredible micro-details to your digital painting. The DAP models will enhance brush strokes and texture while also doubling the resolution. You could almost smell the paint! The painted image still keeps its artistic quality while gaining an incredible amount of small details.

Elevate paintings made with Dynamic Auto Painter into a gallery-print level

Scale up any drawing or color art as if it was a vector image. The Art models will keep the lines crisp and colors smooth without adding any pixelation!

Enlarge Drawings or Pixel art and turn it into a vector-like image

Rendering CG takes time, but what if you can dramatically speed it up? Thanks to the special Noise Reduction in a few of the Ai models, even a partial render can look as good as a full image. This may save you hours at a time.

Save on rendering time - increase fidelity of CG and 3D art

Create silky smooth images from noisy photos while also increasing their resolution. Both Photo, 3D Graphics + NR and Photo, 3D Graphics Soft models remove noise from your photos and 3D renderings more effectively than any other existing noise reduction tool.

Enlarge photos and 3D and Reduce noise without mushy edges

Enlarged to 90 Megapixels Original 7 Megapixels DAP 100% zoom Brush-Stroke Enhancer
The DAP painting model is designed to work with Dynamic Auto painter paintings created with canvas resolution about 2400 pixels wide (Print, Web, Social media)
Partial 3D Render Ai Photo & 3D Graphic model
In this sample the rendering was stooped just after a few minutes then the image was processed using AiE with 3D Graphics Soft model.
Original 923 x 1200 Render After Ai Enhanced 3692 x 4800
In this example we quickly rendered image in small resolution then used 3D Graphics + NR model to enlarge it as well as increasing the details and overall sharpness.
Please check system requirements

System Requirements

Windows 8, 10, 11 with a fairly recent video card. Important: The neural network AI processing is a computation heavy process that uses GPU, therefore you need a good video card such as NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon (also some Intel HD and UHD integrated notebook video cards are supported, but not all). Note: AMD graphics cards require you install AMD Adrenalin Version that includes their own Vulcan driver. Please try the trial version first, there is GPU benchmark included in the software that will tell you if your hardware is supported or not. The software can also run in CPU mode, but it would be unbearable slow.
Download full size original and AI enhanced images (Warning: large sizes)
Download full size original and AI enhanced images
Download full size original and AI enhanced images
Download full size original and AI enhanced images
Download full size original and enhanced images
(no subscription, yours forever) The software needs relatively modern GPU. Please try it before purchasing.
You’d swear this must be some sort of black magic. Even a partial render would come out sharp with brilliant colors. This model not only removes noise, but also increases color fidelity for brighter and more lively images.

Make 3D art look better with new 3D HDR Art Ai model

In this sample the IRAY was stooped just after a few minutes (creating a very noisy output) then the image was processed using 3D HDR model.

3D Art Simplify

Simplify Photos and 3D rendered images into a vector-like graphics with outlines. Great for further processing in Dynamic Auto Painter for example.
3D ART Photo
Download full size simplified image

Ai Noise Reduction

When your entire photo is damaged by extremely high ISO noise, use this special model. It has a very strong and effective Ai De-noising algorithm and can save even the most hopeless images. This is an excellent option for images from old digital cameras or scanned films, but should be used only for extreme cases.
The Ai Noise Reduction can restore details even in severely damaged images.
In 1.3, a new model was added to enlarge small line drawings and pixel art into an 8x larger image with clean and sharp edges. This is intended for thumbnail- sized images where larger resolution may not exist.
Original illustration 300x300 8x Pixel & Line Art enlargement 2400 x 2400 Ai Photo & Art Enhancer Version 1.6.00
A brand new HQ model for enlarging Digital Art as well as Ai generated images (Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E). It is trained to produce crisp look without over-smoothing
Photo, 3D Graphics + NR Photo, 3D Graphics Soft Art & Vector Graphics Pixel & Line Art Ai Noise Reduction DAP Painting DAP Color & Texture Photo Sharp UHD Photo LN + Text 3D HDR Art 3D Art Simplify Photo, 3D Graphics + NR Photo, 3D Graphics Soft
Clever tool to reframe images, or change image aspect ratios. (introduced in 1.5)

Enhance intricate Ai generated images

We added a special filament based edge-enhancing model to upscale the output of image-to-text tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E. This model enhances even the most intricate details while keeping the gradients smooth. It's also great for upscaling small 512-pixel preview images without having to wait for the final calculation.
Diffusion Razor Original 1792 x 1024 AiE upscaled 7168 x 4096

Enlarge Digital Art and Ai images with the new DA Supreme

Digital Art Supreme
This new addition is probably the best enlarging model for Digital Art (digital paintings, graphics, drawings) as well as Ai generated images. It produces crisp look without over-smoothing surfaces or over-sharpening edges. We tested many models, and this is, in our opinion, absolute winner for digital art.
Original digital artwork Enlarged with Digital Art Supreme Original (detail)
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