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Art and Graphics created with CompactDraw
All files are saved in e-JPG format.

How to see or edit the files:
-Save the JPG file you like on your harddisk
just click on the picture or name with a right mouse button and from the pop-up menu select Save Picture As or Save Target As.
Note: If you are using IE 5.0 sometimes it saves the image as a *.jpeg, you have to rename the extension to *.jpg
Run CompactDraw.
-Click Open and from the Open dialog box select CompactDraw editable E-JPG.
-Then load the jpg file you just saved and you can see it in full size and edit all the objects ! (the file must have the jpg extension!)

Cheers! by Oscar
(34 objects)
Lets shoot some pool. by Oscar
Pro-Camera by Oscar (74 objects)
  Book by Mebirok
  *Restrictions may apply
Other thighs to download:

Ben Balvanz Clipart (316 kb)
Corporate Logos (400 kB)
Rob Gomersbach dutchmen (280 kB)

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