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Users Gallery - Commercial applications

In this section you can find preview of commercial products developed using MMB

Infinity Online, Inc.  

Author: Infinity Online, Inc.
Internet Service Provider
Product : Internet Start-up Kit on CD
Description: Lots of nice space-style graphics, avi, background music, spoken text, sound effects,drop shadows, fade effect. Include wizards, help files, Internet tutorials, setup files .. and easter egg.

Click here for full screen.

Kraig Sederquist  

Kraig Sederquist has few professional projects done with MMB.

See some of his projects on a separate page.

Author: Estevan Belo
Product : Mediawork presentation
Source: (415kB MMB 3.1)
Description: After Roonie help and guidance I was able to come up with this means of hiding and showing many groups within one frame only...for floppy distribution.

Author: David Buretic
Product : Illusive Design Presentation
Source: (850kB MMB 3.1)
Description: A simple project that relies more on graphics than hardcore scripting to look good. I am only using the standard functions here, but hey, MMB is so good you hardly ever need scripting for looks, only for functionality sometimes. It took a few hours to make the graphics and 15 minutes to put it al together in MMB.

I am sending my first project. It is a promo for my husband's business. It had a great impact on his clients. The response was overwhelming. Thanks, Oscar!
Author: Irina Patterson
Product : MMSpirit
Source: MMSpirit (880kB MMB 3.1)
Description: I used Canvas 6 , for creating graphics and textures. (The company who makes Canvas is my employer. Why would I use any other :-) ?) Then I just the copied and pasted graphics into MMB. It is a very simple project and fits on a floppy.

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