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Our software is designed to run natively on 32 bit Windows (98/XP/Vista). However we are living in a world where most of the platforms are coming together. Thanks to the virtualization and increased processor speed it is now perfectly fine to run Windows software on other platforms such as MAC or Linux.

Since Apple decided to change its platform to Intel-based processors beginning in 2006, running Windows programs is now actually very easy. Few companies offers a virtualization software that will allow you to install MS Windows XP or Vista as a Virtual OS on the Intel MAC and run the Windows programs embedded in the OSX screen through a clever usage of resources. (Called Unity in VMWare or Coherence in Parallels desktop)

For any virtualization, you are actually installing a second OS on the computer, that means you need to have full installation CD of the Windows. But the benefit is that you can now run any software either for MAC or for Windows. You can also install a Linux.

Running Real-Draw window inside OSX with VMware.

We feel that this technology is a big step to end the OS wars and gives the MAC OSX users the benefit of running few very fine and mature OS without sacrifice on a single computer. And the best thing is that while the virtualization products are quite mature, they are still improving rapidly.

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We proudly use Real-DRAW PRO and UltraSnap for creating images on our web pages

How to run our software on an Intel MAC:

There are few virtualization tools that allows you to install MS Windows XP or Vista on Intel MAC and exist together with the MAC OSX.

Apple BootCamp
BootCamp is a very easy to use free tool from Apple that will create a new partition on your MAC and then allow to install Windows XP or Vista on it. It will also supply all the necessary drivers for the display, keyboard and network. From that moment on you can switch between booting into OSX and booting into the Windows.
Since you actually boot into the windows, the windows software runs natively, as on any other computer. It is equally easy to uninstall the new partition if you have enough.

A great thing is that BootCamp partition can be also used together with the other virtualization products that will allow you to not only boot into windows, but in fact run OSX with Windows on the same time.

Don't get fooled by the word "virtual". The speed of these new-gen virtualization software for MAC has nothing to do with the old way people used to run the virtual Windows. In fact you will in most of the time not see any speed difference between booting into Windows and running it Virtualized, and that includes also heavy graphic applications.

Parallels Desktop for MAC
A first serious virtualization software that changed the way MAC users looks at Windows. Parallels not only allows you to run Windows from within OSX, but you can actually set up a Coherence mode where the windows applications appear as if running inside the MAC desktop. You can reuse the BootCamp installed Windows.

VMware Fusion
Fusion is a new MAC virtualization software from a well known virtualization company VMware. A direct competitor to the Parallels Desktop, Fusion tries to be even faster and more robust with support for DirectX 8.1 games from within the MAC OSX. A similar feature to Coherence called Unity will have you running Windows application inside OSX desktop. Works with BootCamp as well.

Using BootCamp with virtualization
Both virtualization methods allows you to reuse already created BootCamp bootable windows partition for the VM inside MAC OSX. That means you can open your windows inside MAC OSX, but you can also still cleanly boot into it and run it as windows only.
If you don't create Windows in a BootCamp, but create a Virtual disc with either of the virtualization software you have a small benefit, most notably you can suspend the Windows VM inside the OSX.

We tested our software with all the above solutions and it runs as smoothly as on any windows machine.

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