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Grab any part of your screen or import images Combine multiple captured screens Add annotations, mouse cursors, arrows, text, remove and replace parts Add and edit vector items Trace graphics into editable vectors Combine vectors in many ways, add styles, shadows, bevels Instantly paste into e-mail, office documents, social media pages, drag and drop to graphic application or export and upload. Paste with transparency Paste into Adobe Illustrator as vectors Create PDF file


Quick Mode: Grab, Adjust and Paste (or Export)
Press one of the user defined Hot-Keys, grab a screen from some software, web page or document, then change its sharpness, size and colors and paste the result in your editing software, office, email…
By switching to Editing Mode you have a full image and vector editor at your disposal.
UltraSNAP stays minimized in Windows Tray, just a keyboard shortcut away. You can customize the hot-keys for various functions such as grabbing a screen region or a window under cursor or repeating last capture.

PDF file export

New in Version 4, you can quickly create multi-page PDF files from screen grabs, documents or web pages, add additional text, highlight or hide some parts etc… More details here.

Enhanced Clipboard Formats

UltraSNAP has comprehensive multi-format Copy operations that saves you from creating intermediate files. Enhanced Copy/Paste includes transparent PNG or 32-bit DIBV5 formats and Illustrator vector format

Adobe Illustrator and SVG export

You can quickly spice up your vector drawings and text with our unique styles, including the NPR styles. They will emulate a hand-drawn or brush painted look, but remain fully editable as any other vectors. It is also very simple to use, just click the NPR preset and the whole drawing will change accordingly.
Support for PNG and DIBV5 clipboard formats in Editing Mode. It can be used to send and receive images with transparent background (alpha channel) through windows clipboard.
You can export the created vector shapes as Illustrator *.ai files or *.svg and use them in many other vector applications including Illustrator, Fireworks or Xara. You can also Copy selected object to clipboard in Illustrator format and then paste them directly in Adobe Illustrator as vector objects. (Menu - Edit - Copy w/Transparency - Copy Selection as Vector)
Do you like some interesting shape or graphics on the web but it isn’t in an editable format? You don’t have to recreate it from scratch. Just grab it from screen or copy it, then use the build-in Trace tools to instantly turn it into editable object. Now you can apply styles, edit the shape and export it in the right size.
Grab screen from web page, document or software
Resize, add sharpness, apply quick effects
Now Paste it or Drag & Drop in the destination application or Export as a file
Full Editing Mode: Capture, Change, re-Arrange, Add…
Ceate random fill texture and use non photo realistic styles for vector onjects
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Windows 7,8,10 (20MB)




Always Ready

UltraSNAP may have started as a simple screen capture tool, but it evolved into a powerful productivity application for home and office

Two Modes in one application

You can keep adding multiple images, add text annotations, cursors, arrows, lines and other vector objects. You can apply effects, drop shadows, blur…
Because the operation such as resize or sharpen are an attributes, they can be appled automatically to all subsequent screen captures

Non-Photo Realistic Styles

Trace bitmap graphics into Vectors

Crop Object

Crop Object - allows quick cropping of any object, bitmap or vector

Random Texture Generator and NPR

PNG and 32-bit DIBV5 clipboard formats

Used in

All-in-one image and vector editor, clipboard processor and screen capture

Release: 4.8.3 Beta 4.9

Feature Showcase: Squeeze Tool

In version 4.5 we added an unique Squeeze Tool that can be used to quickly add working space to images or to change aspect ratio of photos while keeping important subjects intact. Great for banners or headers !

Release Notes

20/04/2020 - Version 4.9 BETA A complete rebuild of code base 09/02/2020 - Version 4.8.3 Mouse wheel will change the size in capture mode. In edit mode Mouse wheel will change thickness of open curves or size of font if selected object is text 21/11/2019 - Version 4.8.2 improved color trace with more options 24/10/2019 - Version 4.8.1 Set standard locale for Illustrator and SVG export. (If your Windows locale was set with decimal separator as comma - the exported illustrator file would be unreadable) Remove .rdw registry association 18/10/2019 - Version 4.8 Menu reorganization - menus were getting crowded so things (objects, Bitmaps, canvas) got logically separated Simple Color Trace - Trace color images into group of vector objects Separate Bitmap into color components Anchor - set anchor to object, then you can move them. Using move to anchor will snap them back. Good for working on part of object separately (like objects from Color Trace), then assemble them back. Smooth Curve Pencil - whatever you draw by hand will be smoothed out to nice curve 04/09/2019 - Version 4.7 Simple SVG export of vector shapes from editor view (Menu File - Export Paths to SVG) Compatible with many graphics applications including embroidery software such as Brother PE-Design. Drag and Drop Tray allows dragging selected (or all) objects from the editor view directly into other applications in 32-bit PNG, SVG or Adobe Illustrator format (menu Edit - Drag & Drop Tray). This way you can avoid saving intermediate files for applications that do not support Illustrator clipboard vector format. For example you can now drag vector objects from UltraSnap directly to Xara, Vectric Aspire, Silhouette Studio and many others through the D&D Tray 07/03/2019 - Version 4.6 All additions are in Editor Mode: Updates to the Squeeze tool by adding a center pin to move the window around, fixed memory leak Show objects during dragging Ability to drag and drop images from explorer to UltraSnap Added: invert colors and desaturate bitmap effects (menu Composition Editor - Bitmap - Invert Colors) Make crop permanent - (for crop object tool) - Composition Editor - Bitmap - make Crop Permanent Ability to lock guidelines (menu Edit - Lock guidelines) This will make them non selectable, but still snappable Static Canvas Size - ability to make the canvas a certain size (normally it is dynamic: as you add objects the canvas will expand). This way you can for example set it to 800x200 to produce banners of that size and it will crop everything that is outsize the canvas. It is like a friendlier Export Crop
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