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About MediaChance

What are the system requirements?

Dynamic Auto Painter is designed for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 The speed of painting depends mostly on the processor. We recommend to use Intel Core i3 or faster. There are no requirements for graphic card. Whatever you have these days will work. We recommend to have at least 8GB of RAM, which you should have anyway. 16GB would be better of course.

Where is MAC version?

DAP is windows application. Previously we have created virtualized MAC version through WINE (it works well). Similarly we will create one for version 7 later

Can I use DAP for commercial purpose?

Yes, you can use the images for commercial purposes. By commercial use we mean that you can use the images you processed with DAP any way you wish; sell them, exhibit them, incorporate them into some other work of art, send them to the moon – whatever you think is appropriate.

Why I cannot run multiple instances of DAP?

This is not some sort of evil plot from our team. DAP creates a lot of temporary files and layers during painting to be referenced later and running two versions would make them steal each other files. While this may result in some hilarious situations, it isn’t something you really want.

Where I can get old versions?

These are archived latest versions of each major version. If you need to re-download old version make sure it is the correct version that works with your registration code.
Version 2 dapainter26.exe
Version 3 dappro320.exe
Version 4 dappro4.exe
Version 5 dappro5.exe
$89 +tax
Version 6 PRO dappro6.exe
Version 6 HOME dapprohome6.exe
(320 MB)

DAP 6 had two version PRO and HOME, why there is only one version for DAP 7?

At this moment we are offering only one version 7. It is unclear if we offer version 7 in HOME version (cheaper, less features). You can upgrade to version 7 from both HOME and PRO for the same amount.

How to upgrade to version 7?

The version 7 checks if you have version 6 pro, home or version 5 and offers the upgrade button on the initial screen.
FOR WINDOWS 7, 8, 10, 11