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Commercial applications done with MMB
by Kraig Sederquist


Kraig Sederquist  

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Product : VSS - Product demonstration
Source: (286kB MMB 3.0)
Description: I am submitting my first real project I have done with MMB, and completed with MMB 3.0 tonight. Well the project is almost complete. I have left off a few specs and the animations of course. What I have made is a product presentation with information, specs, images and animations. This project uses quite a few of MMB's functions including new functions to 3.0 such as imbedded WAV files.

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Do not copy or use any portion of this program for commercial use.

Product : Total Peripherals CD ROM
Source: (423kB MMB 3.1 only)
The MBD file for download has a password.
Please email me if you would like me to email you the password.
Description: This is a CD-ROM Catalog project still in the works. It is going to be a huge project (300MB+ including AVI's). I am doing this by making several chunks. I am breaking my mbd files into 2 to 4MB chucks to keep it fast. The Beauty of MMB is that I can devote my time to design and appearance of the program instead of code like I had done in the past with programs such as VB. MMB has made my job easier, more proficient and of course more fun.
Product : The Trigger (Patent Pending)
Source: (690kB MMB 3.1)
Description: This is a no-frills project that simply gets across product information. I kept it very simple to not take away from the product. This project could be used for test marketing, initial sales and part of a larger investor kit. The graphics and 3D modeling took all of the time. I only spent about 3 hours on the MMB interface. AVI linked in the project is left out due to file size, ... 8MB.

Product :
Mail-out CD-ROM sales tool

Description:This is my own sales tools that I mail out to perspective clients. It has turned out to be very helpful. There are 22 total pages and I have broke the project into 4 chunks. Tools used: MMB, Photoshop and Adobe Premiere for video editing.
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