The newest version is 5.2.0

  • 5.2 (February 2012) - updated RAW for newest cameras
  • memory expansion, in Windows 64 the software should be able to use 2x more memory.
    Version 5.x is a paid upgrade from versions 4.x, 3.x



Delivery Method

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How to upgrade to version 5.x from 4.x:

If you already have previous version of DPHDR, please go to your mailbox and look for the original registration email from Inside look for your personal download/update link that starts with 
Visit that link and it will give you the option to get the latest 4.x version and upgrade to the new 5.0 as well.

If you purchased version 4.x after November 2010, look in the above mentioned email, there should be already a registration code for the new 5.0

Note: The version 5 changes the way it is being distributed. It will be no longer a special download but instead you will receive a registration key that will be inserted into the trial version. The trial versions will be also used as an update. This way you no longer need to remember this download link.

What is new in 5

The DPHDR 5.x is a paid upgrade.
  • Fusion process
  • HDR Fusion
  • New antighosting in Fusion