With MMB you can develop autorun menus, multimedia apps, games, or front-ends for your CD's* without having to spend months learning complex programming languages.

If you are already distributing software on CD-ROM or DVD, creating your own CD-Audio or making your Audio CD you will love this easy-to-use, intuitive software.

Create multimedia applications with graphic, text, sounds, Audio ,Video, supporting CD Audio or Mixed-mode CD's, executing applications and much more...

MMB creates small stand-alone exe applications and has many bells & whistles you will ever need. Create a cool looking app or small game and send it to all your friends

Multimedia Builder

MMB status changed: MMB is legacy product that has reached its end of the life. You can still buy it if you wish to use it for educational or personal purposes.

Delivery Method
Educational Site



MMB has a modern interface with the useful features that you expect from high end graphics software, such as a multiple document interface, multiple Undo/Redo, selections, grouping, nested grouping, context sensitive menus, checking, distributing the files...

You can build your multimedia project by creating one or more pages. On each page you can combine text, buttons, graphics, hot spots, video and other actions into an interactive production.

Free Download

What's New

  • We have included now over 150 examples in Sample folder!
    There are many new examples such as fully functional clock, flash, html or mouse samples.
  • Video Object is now based on DirectShow
  • Zoom Tool
  • More script commands
  • Full new multichannel audio support with many new formats (OGG, WMA, ASF, XM, S3M, IT...)
  • Integrated macromedia Flash object - you can control MMB script from Macromedia FLASH!
  • List Box object
  • Audio Visualization object - you want it you have it -oscilloscope and equalizer.
  • You can now fully personalize the File version information in the compiled file.
  • For more info about new version, please visit the What's New page in MMB Help.



  • WYSIWYG design
  • Object Oriented environment
  • Easy interface
  • Click-to-create objects and actions
  • Support of all popular graphic formats
  • Compatible with Macromedia Fireworks using the same PNG format
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Grouping and Ungrouping objects, nested grouping
  • Alignment tools
  • Blending graphics with background
  • Alpha Transparency Masks for blending
  • MP3 format with feedback
  • 24-bit color
  • Create Stand-alone exe applications
  • Optimized performance
  • Real Glow and Drop Shadow
  • Effects: Sharpen, Blur, Flip
  • Special effects: Fire, Cutout, Bevel
  • More than 40 bitmap effects and filters
  • Background Bitmap Tiling
  • Background sound can play across page boundaries, looping
  • Objects are in layers
  • Define your own graphic buttons, save, load to/from library
  • Window doesn't have to be rectangular - support for custom shapes
  • You can paste graphics directly from your graphic editor into the MMB program without saving
  • Video can be played at any speed
  • Fade out effect
  • Wizard for objects and actions
  • Support for CD audio and Mixed-mode CD's
  • Stand-alone linker
  • Script language for more power, variables, string variables, timers
  • Animated Gif
  • Embedded Waves
  • Midi
  • Bargain price



System Requirements

MMB was originally developed on windows 95 then on XP so anything you have today will be far enough to run it.

Free Trial

MMB status changed: MMB is legacy product that reached its end of the life. You can still buy it if you wish to use it for educational or personal purposes.

Latest final version MMB 4.9.8 - 26.7MB:

You can download it here:


(copy and paste the above to the browser, we removed the direct link for security reason - see the text below)

Security note - since first time, more than ten years ago we made MMB it become a victim of its own universal nature. Some people would use MMB to build/embed malware and then various anti-virus companies would flag the whole MMB as having malware (instead of flagging only the malicious application that has been made with MMB). This has been going on and off at various times (usually the anti-virus companies would correct the mistake after complains in a week, month or never...) and with various anti-virus vendors.

We never found any universal cure for this false-flagging and so MMB carry a potential stain on it.

The MMB from the above link installation is virus free, malware free, spyware free or whatever-ware free. At some or other time it may (both the installation and the installed version) come out flagged as having one by some anti-virus programs due to the above described problem. It may go away, then it may come back, we can't say for sure.
Sorry about this.


MMB Manual

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English 4.9.8

CHM file

PDF file

Russian 4.9.8

CHM file

translated by
Sergey Kucherov

Italian 4.9.7 (chm)

translated by
 Vincenzo Taverna

French 4.7(old)


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