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Now you can create professional interactive multimedia applications with this outstanding program called Multimedia Builder. You will really be amazed at all that this program will do for you.

Multimedia Builder requires no scripting or programming knowledge, which makes it very accessible to the novice or the beginner as well as the professional.

You can build multiple pages and projects in any shape or design complete with interactive and special effects text, CD playability and sound, fully controllable vide
o and much more!

This program will build your applications quickly and efficiently with graphic blending, interactive buttons, blended backgrounds and a host of other options, including features and extras that you just won't find anywhere else.
   You will really be amazed at all that this program will do for you.

To get the quality and control that Multimedia Builder provides you, you would have to use Visual C++ or Visual Basic with a lot of extra controls. However, Multimedia Builder provides you with an interface that lets you see, access and build all aspects of your project automatically!

Multimedia Builder receives our highest 5 smiley rating. When you see how unique this program is and how it is able to go outside of the traditional boundaries of standard Windows programming, you'll wonder how you got along without it!