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Multi-Keyboard MACROS

With MKM you no longer need to do the finger acrobatics trying to press CTRL+SHIFT+H with one hand while holding a stylus, video transport, mouse or coffee cup in the other. You no longer need to remember cryptic shortcuts and key combinations - just assign them to a single key on your extra keyboard. The best part is: you can do all this without buying any special launchpads or controllers. All you need is an additional standard keyboard, numerical pad or Half keyboard! (See FAQ for supported devices)

Ergonomics Approach

US $19
Windows 7,8,10 (5MB)


A Novel Approach to Keyboard Macros

If you try to use multiple keyboards with the Windows machine with the hope that you can redefine the extra keyboard to do something more useful than just typing, you would fail. Windows don’t give you access to the keyboards as separate devices. Until you install Multi-Keyboard Macros. With MKM you can add another standard USB or Wireless keyboard to your computer and turn it instantly into a programmable shortcut or macro controller, app/website launchpad, automatic text typewriter and much more without affecting the functionality of your primary keyboard! And it is not limited to just adding one more keyboard. You can add more than one additional keyboards. (* at present they all need to be different models)

What kind of Macros can you create?

Imagine the possibilities

Add multiple keyboards to Windows and make them fully Programmable

Volume Discounts available at the shopping cart

This keyboard is for Typing

These additional Numerical Keyboards

can be added for Shortcuts and Macros

Minimalistic Approach

…this part will be for Shortcuts and Macros

(Because nobody really uses those keys anyway)

While this part of the keyboard is for Typing…

Keyboard Ninja

This keyboard is for Typing

This Keyboard will be for all my Shortcuts and Macros

Copy PASTE BRush Address Size Bold New Save S.ALL Dupli. Name Forward captur. Signat. Group Un-gr New Doc Send Locate Quit Open Print Back Top Line Rect Rect Separ. Macro 1 Test 3 Test 4 Motor Up Crd. Downcnv. Downcnv.


Pressing a key will fire a simple shortcut such as CTRL+C. See more…

Complex Macros

An infinite combination of Shortcuts, Keys, Text typing, Pauses…You can even add a Mouse click for apps that have only buttons. See more…

Type a Text

Pressing a key will type a text for you that you need often, like greetings, signature, address, etc…
Now you can add a keyboard Macro recorder to any of your Windows applications with Quick Macro Record function. Pressing Play key will then play that recorded macro back in your app. You can even save it for later. The sky is the limit! See more…

Keyboard Macro Recorder and Player

Launch Application

Launch Applications or open often used documents by pressing a single key.

Open Web Page or Folder

Open your favorite web page, open a local folder, open a folder on NAS or shared network storage. All with just a single key.
US $29

Setup and Basics

NEW Version 1.20

Release Notes

Version 1.2 (24/11/2019) - added on screen display for macro names Version 1.15 (20/11/2019) - added ability for a key to load a different shortcut set. This way you can create a system of many keyboard sets that you can swap. See more.
(Note: With multiple numerical keyboards, each needs to be a different model. See FAQ for more details)
(Note: With full size keyboards, each needs to be a different model. See FAQ for more details)
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