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What's New?

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What's new in Photo-brush 5?


+ Unified interface using Dark Blue theme. This enables many new controls like dials, sliders with scroll wheel, graphs

+ White Balance now work with 3 different settings - Histogram Shift, Kelvin Compensation and Gray Point

+ Equalizers are renamed to Hue, Saturation and Luma and use smooth spline graphs

+ New Chromatic Aberration correction - uses different approach with channel shifts

+ Brightness and Contrast can use Lightness Graph

+ Hue Saturation can use Hue Graph

+ Liquid Warp now works inside the image window

+ New Browser - supports fast JPG as well as RAW preview.

+ Polar to Rectangular and back transformation (Polar Coordinates) with Blend Edges feature

+ Little Planet feature

+ Fractal Droste effect feature

+ JPG save can now copy EXIF data from original and create updated JPG thumbnail



What's new in Photo-brush 4.3?



+ Completely overhauled Exif reading/writing using the Phil Harvye's Exiftool. It's now possible to read complete Exif information from all supported RAW files and store them in JPEG. Additionally, the image thumbnail is now correctly updated. The Exif reading/writing is dependent on Exiftol(distributed with PB). If not found, the old Exif reading is used. In this case, Exif data will not be read from RAW. Just don't delete Exiftool form PB root directory. Eventually, you can update the Exiftool manually by downloading the latest version from here (the Windows version).

+ Resorted and reorganized Camera info with all usual Exif items.

+ Added new function for image comparison.

+ Updated RAW reading with added support for various new cameras (from PB 4.2):


- Fixed Camera info panel refresh after closing actual photo with Exif.

- Fixed some problems in original Exif reading.

- Fixed freeze when reading the image saved using the Adobe PS (saved with Exif).


What's new in Photo-brush 4.2?



+ Implemented Masks

+ New version of RAW reading library (added Olympus E510 and Pentax Optio 750Z)

+ New Gaussian Blur algorithm



- PS compatible plugins menu is now rebuild immediately after loading new plugs.

- Fixed problem with Alpha channel after pasting an image created with Print Screen.

- Some small internal fixes and UI polishing.


What's new in Photo-brush 4.1? (key points)



+ Implemented wide range of selection tools. This is probably most awaited feature addition in Photo-Brush (apart the Layers, which are next on the list ;)

+ Implemented completely new RAW reading library with added support for most (if not all) digital cameras with RAW writing.

+ Significantly improved speed of creating selection floater, even on huge (8MPix +) images.

+ Updated image processing library.

+ Added support for auto rotation of images with "rotation" flag in EXIF (usually from cameras with orientation sensor).

+ Added "Preserve EXIF" option into the "JPEG Output" dialog.

+ Added <ESC> shortcut for releasing focus from tool panes.

+ Added <ESC> shortcut for quick deactivating the selection/crop area (without conversion to floater).

+ Added <Ctrl>+<PgUp> and <Ctrl>+<PgDn> in Action pane (for switching pane tabs).

+ Added MEF (Mamiya ZD) and ARW (Sony Alpha) file extensions into the list of supported formats.

+ Added Interface and Pane themes.



- Fixed crash in debug (potentially dangerous in release too) when Brush tool is started, but "Brushes" pane is inactive.

- Fixed crash in Hue/Saturation, Color Equalizer and Hue Equalizer.

- Fixed crash in EXIF reading.

- Fixed reading of redundant information form EXIF.

- Fixed reading of several EXIF tags.

- Fixed drawing of Proportional Crop from left/right to top.

- Fixed (unified) zoom IN/OUT steps and rounding.

- Fixed entering values in ComboBox Edit field.

- Fixed shortcuts after start and running application and in some panes.

- Fixed entering values in Color and Hue Equalizer.

- Fixed "An unsupported operation was attempted" after using "Texture Pick".

- Fixed bug in Undo after image rotation.

- Fixed bad interpolation quality after image rotate.

- Fixed a "redrawing" problem of Actions pane.

- Fixed saving of customized shortcuts.

- Fixed "Paste As New" in case of non-rectangular selections.

- Fixed crash in PB trial dialog (if pressed any key).

- A lot of other (over 150) interface and workflow fixes and improvements + cleaning program resources.

- Fixed crash on non-Admin user account if PB is installed on Admin account, but first started on non-Admin account.

- Fixed crash on non-Admin user account while loading 3rd party plugins.

- Removed an obsolete "Show Tab Bar for.." option in Settings dialog.