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DAP 6 for MAC

Dynamic Auto Painter for MAC

Dynamic Auto Painter has a build-in fast image browser and this is what we suggest to use to load your images. You can access the browser from toolbar (Show Browser) or from menu File.
How to access iCloud files? Navigate to /User/<YOURUSERNAME>/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/
You can click at the little star in the tree to save it as a shortcut to bottom bar
How to access Photos stored in the Photo app? Normally you should export the photos somewhere from the Photo App, but you can also quickly navigate there inside DAP by going to: /Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Masters/ or if you want to add shortcut to the bottom bar as in the previous example you need to use the full tree link: /User/YOURUSERNAME/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Masters/
DAP for MAC is a self contained WINE build of Windows DAP PRO and HOME
NEW Download, Now it works on Mojave: DAP522_mojave.dmg (235MB)
For Windows version visit main page
Note: Anytime you reinstall MAC version it will become trial and you need to enter your registration code again.
Previous Version 5
Version 6
21/03/2019 Dynamic Auto Painter 6 PRO DAP612MAC.dmg (281MB)
Tested on High Sierra and Mojave
If the above version works for you, you can purchase the PRO license from the top of the page. Note 1: The license for Windows and MAC (PRO) versions is the same, the registration code will work for both. Note 2: When you update to newest version, you will have to enter the registration code again.
PRO edition
The registration code for v.5 cannot be used in version 6, you can contact us for upgrade.
There are some GUI changes from the native Windows version to make it more friendly for MAC users.

Short GUIDE for MAC version

Please test the version first prior the purchase
This version requires the v. 5 registration.
PDF manual for version 6: DAP6-manual.pdf


Version 6 + Photo Reactor
This has both Dynamic Auto Painter PRO and Photo Reactor in one application so you can edit reactor files from withing DAP. This requires registration for both Dynamic Auto Painter PRO and Photo Reactor. Note: There is a small visual issue in MAC Reactor at the present: While dragging any object icon from the lists to the workspace the dragged icon of the object is momentarly invisible untill you drop it to the workspace.
NEW 11/22/2018 (Reactor Registration FIX) Dynamic Auto Painter 6 PRO+Reactor DAP6_Reactor.dmg (329 MB)
As with all windows programs the application menu bar is actually attached to the application window not to the menu bar on top of OSX screen.
The OPEN and SAVE dialogs will give you a direct access to MAC Desktop, Pictures folder and User folder on your MAC. Additionally to give you access to external disks, the Volumes folder has been added where such external disks would appear if mounted.
To enter registration for Photo Reactor, run it from within Dynamic Auto Painter and then in the Photo Reactor go to menu Help - Enter Registration. If you don’t see this entry in Photo Reactor, you still have the previous release. Remove the previous DAP+Reactor APP from the Applications (IMPORTANT) and download and install the file from the above package. You will need to re-enter the Dynamic Auto Painter registration as well.
NEW 23/11/2018 Dynamic Auto Painter 6 HOME DAP6_HOME.dmg (281MB)
Reactor Only - in case you want to use Photo Reactor alone without DAP - Reactor.dmg (180MB)
Open Program from Unidentified Developer
Since this is outside of App store you will receive message that the Application “can’t open because it is from unidentified developer”. To open the DAP application and set exception so you won’t see this message again opening DAP: In the Finder, locate the DAP6 app in the Applications folder Don’t use Launchpad to do this. It has to be through Finder. Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu. Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu. The message about unidentified developer will pop up again but this time there will be also Open button. Click the Open button. That’s it. From now on it will open normally.
GUI changes from Windows version