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New features in DAP 7

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These are short videos (5 minutes or so) about the new features in DAP 7

1. Feature Follow

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2. True Mosaic Engine

3. Panel

Download Trial Version From Microsoft One Drive Download Trial Version From mediachance

4. Video Capture and VR videos

5. Auto-Masks

6. Create Gallery Quality Paintings with AI

7. Template Helpers

General DAP Videos and Tutorials

How to install DAP 6 - DAP 7 on MAC
How to use Inpaint tool (DAP 6)

8. Features you may have missed

Dynamic Auto Painter - The Basics

This is a 10 minute video of how to get started with DAP plus a quick overview about a few advanced features.
FOR WINDOWS 7, 8, 10, 11 FOR MAC OSX see here