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PP3 Private Album (former Private pictures)


By popular demand the Private Pictures software is back! It seems that the original software wasn't that bad idea after all... PP3 is revised and enhanced version of Private Pictures.
The most notable enhancements:

  • Works on Win95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP
  • Can display huge jpg files and very fast.
  • The interface is now resizable
  • Has build in simple Panorama viewer
  • Can use ini file to modify start directory, title, menu.
  • Can unprotect the whole directory at once.

So what is at first place?
The program is a special purpose Image viewer which allows you to create, manage and view protected or unprotected pictures instantly without any need to run any external viewer. You can also convert protected files from/to any supported graphic format.

In the image on the right I used a picture of a potato - simply because I have no other pictures to hide (Yeah, right!). But of course you can protect any images you like (carrot anyone?)

It is in fact very simple. Imagine a quick and simple to use image viewer with build-in encryption capabilities. You can simply turn any file or a whole directory of images into a password encrypted PPC file(s). To view the image back in the PP3 viewer you need to use the password. Of course you can unprotect the file back to its original format or export it to any other supported format.
The strong points:

  • One single exe file without any dependency
  • You can use it for protected pictures or as a simple viewer for unprotected images as well.
  • It always fit the image to the screen so you can see it all
  • It compress format such as bmp into smaller PPC file
  • Special personal licence which allows you to put the file on every personal CD and carry with you (read below)

How it works
All the functions are self explanatory. Select directory from directory tree, select a file from file list hit "Protect File" button, enter password and the image will change into *.PPC file. Next time when you start the viewer and want to view the image you will be asked for a password.

In the file view select the file Click Protect File button Enter and retype password File changes to PPC, see the small padlock and ppc file extension.

Of course you can use Protect Directory and all files will be encrypted using your password at once. So now you can protect all your potatoes from prying eyes!

Note: If you can't remember the password for your files I can't help you. (However some people say using garlic every day may help)
Also remember this software isn't intended for use in any data sensitive areas such as army or government...

Download Trial
Download the installation from here:

The registration fee for PP3 is just $23 US.

After your registration is validated, you will receive a link to the full version.


Panorama Viewer
PP3 has build in simple panorama viewer which can view either your spherical or cylindrical panoramas. This is quite a unique feature in most image viewers... You can simply hit the Panorama button ad the current image will be displayed as panorama.
If you have also *.ivr description file within the directory (created by most of the panorama software) the viewer will display the image as panorama automatically. (Note: it actually doesn't read the ivr file so if you want to display the pano automatically without need to hit the panorama button you can simply create empty text file in the directory and name it same as your pano image with *.ivr file extension)
Mind you that the panorama viewer is a simple one. It works fine for most panoramas, but it is intended for preview...

INI file
PP3 supports initialization with ini file. This feature is great if you intend to put pp3 on your cd and would like to start it displaying a special image or in a special directory on CD. As addition you can change the title of the program and show simple menu or disable the toolbar.
The format is very easy, you need to create (or download) a text file named pp3.ini
The lines in the file above are commented out with ; You need to remove the ; from the beginning of the line you like to use.

Title=My Secret Potatos

You must have [Start] as first line.
Path - here you can enter a relative path to the pp3.exe, in example above it will look into subdirectory Pictures and display a first image there. Of course you can specify exact image you would like to display first.
HideBar=1 - this will hide the toolbar
SimpleMenu=1 - this will show a simpler menu without showing any Encrypt/Decrypt features. This is good in case you would like pp3 appear just as a simple viewer. Of course if you try to view PPC file it will ask you for a password...
Title=title here - this allows you to change the title of pp3.

Personal Licence
After you register you will obtain a full no-nag version of the software. Paying registration fee entitles you to use it on your computer but also on any of your personal image CD's (protected or unprotected) as a carry along viewer. Please read it again: you can put the full version on any of your personal image CD's. These are CD's for your personal usage (viewing or backup) not for commercial (either sold or free).
A commercial usage need different licence.

Thanks for your use of our products and spreading the word about us!

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