Dynamic Light HD gives you the best and most vibrant HDR-like look on any mobile platform.
And this is all accomplished from just a single image using easy to use dial controls. Move the main dial to the right and you get the very same HDR look you had admired on many photographic sites. 

Dynamic Light

DynaLight HD 1.5


"In one word, "WOW". This is a quick, simple app, with stunning effects that has just set a new standard in single photo HDR apps, and all for a bargain price." Glyn Evans, iPhoneography.com reviewed the iPhone version.

Don't let the virtual simplicity of our app fool you. Inside is a highly optimized full-blown proprietary processing taken directly from our DPHDR desktop application. 

Unlike other apps that look complex outside while cutting you short on the actual processing we designed Dynamic Light the other way around to really show you that the shiny new iPhone and iPod touch can actually crunch the same data a desktop computer can. 

 You can use the build-in camera or load image from the album.
For our testing we even downloaded images from our professional DSLR camera and the iPone chewed through it in nearly the same time like on our desktop.

As a special treat we also included few not-so typical effects that are a good match for the HDR look like Orton, Sepia, Vignette, Mysterious Light etc. 

There are also two special designed effect Comic and Manga. You have to really save the images with those effects and look at them in Photos or on your computer in bigger size. 

Some tips
: The HDR look works best on landscape and outdoor pictures especially with cloudy skies and lot of textures. This also minimizes the camera noise. Large flat surfaces without a texture are not a good match for this effect, nor are portrait photos, unless you are after particular effect.  We hope you will have fun with this app and take some amazing shots. 


What's New

What's New in this version:

  • New interface 
  • Ability to adjust two parameters at once (Strength and Radius) with two sliders
  • All effect can be fine-tuned with Color Mixing Light Ball. When you apply effect (for example Infrared) click the red lever on the left side twice to get to the EFX Light Ball. 

Current version: 1.5


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