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We have been making software for a while!

It is a time to do some cleaning and dust-off our old software. Few of the applications go back more than a decade. But don’t worry, the software here has been tested and it runs on current OS (at least Windows 7 x64)
Mediachance Attic is a place to remember some of our older software. The software here is offered for FREE in a hope that it still may be useful. Please look at our commercial software as well.

MiniCLIP - one of the oldest tool in the attic

MiniCLIP is a very small (in both file size and screen size) text clipboard monitor that remembers all your copy/paste text operations. It dates back to 1997 (almost two decades now) and surprisingly it still works well on Windows 7.
MiniCLIP will remain in windows tray and/or it will show only a very small “tool-bar” window on top. There is also an option to integrate the MiniClip in the windows task-bar but due to the different taskbar size in Win 7 it looks a way off. But hey it is a grandpa, it can afford to look funny.
Download MiniCLIP (500kB) -

JPEG Thumb-Maker

Thumbmaker was quickly created when I got my first digital frame (the date of the exe is from 2002) and got quickly very frustrated. If you remember the first digital frames were pretty abysmal, slow to display larger images and the memory was at a premium. (Mine could hold 32 images) So this thing is a small batch processor that resizes the original images into a much smaller copy and do also few image processing tricks to make them nicer. Sadly the life of digital frames was short lived. It seems no one cares about these things anymore since you can store the images online and view them on tablets or phones. Well whatever is your need, thumb-maker has you covered.

PhotoSEAM, Orbis Luminum, PureImage NR

"One of the best apps of this kind we reviewed." ZDNet review
Download (500kB) - No installation, just exe.
Our Commercial Apps

Automatically turns a photo into painting inspired by real world artists

Dynamic image editor and effect processor with absolutely unlimited possibilities

Cool new software for creating photo montages and compositions.

Create modern web graphics with vectors, 2D, 3D and drawings

Enhance Dynamic Range of your images for Eye- Catching results

After all the years, still the classic for advanced DVD Authoring

Other software with FREE versions

Some of our software tools started as a free version then later added a paid options.
Adds a second task bar to multi-monitor setup. Free 2.1 version still available
A great idea to rename multiple files in a text-editor like tool. Version 1.2 still available as free
New Portable Windows Explorer-like encryption tool that password protects and encrypts any sensitive files, folders as well as encrypts their file-names. Free version available.

Mediachance Attic - Free old and retired software

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FREE wavelet noise reduction and color matching software for digital images. (Windows only)
Pure Image NR, has its own page, previously $35, now FREE.
This tool has been now retired for good. It has been replaced with a brand new, much better modern alternative:
Windows Clipboard Expander adds multiple text clipboards to Windows

Tip: If you are looking for recent Experimental and Beta FREE software, follow this link.