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All the seamless textures below were created from digital camera images using only PhotoSEAM. The average time to create one texture like this was approximately 30 seconds. These are just examples. The images were saved at lower resolution for web use. (Click on each image to see it tiled as a background)

This is done by simply drawing a backround texture (from Color & Textures) and using Image Nozle. This one is just a simple shot of the road pavement. A few flowers mixed together A green bottle of Perier with H/V Wash effect.

Concrete wall. Rocks Flowers. Pine

This is not a marble but a shot of a table in restaurant. This needed a Pitch Correction. A part of a rock Leaves 1

Leaves 2 Fence 1
Sunflower effect.
The same Fence... A red flower with Mandalay effect

These 4 Textures were actually done from the same picture by using Sunflower Effect. Do you want to see the original? Here it is.
With this effect you can create hundreds of esotheric textures from only one photo!
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