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Main Features

  • Whatever you draw, is always seamless and tileable
  • You always see the tileable effects on screen, and feel the "global" look
  • Special Cross-Border Clone brush for creating tiles from photographs across the tile boundaries
  • Open and work on many images at the same time
  • More than 30 different Brushes each with its own collection of libraries of predefined variations, many that can be modified or expanded to create an infinite number of brush functions.
  • You can paint not only with color but also with texture - unlimited variations
  • Image Nozzle for spraying cute images
  • Natural and artistic brushes simulate real painting techniques
  • Using cloning techniques you can give photographic images the appearance of painted art
  • 3D brushes can simulate shaded pipes or ropes
  • Support for pressure sensitive tablets
  • Texture pick can make a seamless texture from any part of your image
  • TWAIN support for scanners and digital cameras
  • Support also for 32 bit film scanners
  • Support for Adobe compatible plug-in filters (*.8bf)
  • Filter plug-ins can even be used across the network
  • PhotoSEAM can search for the plug-ins
  • Support for external procedure plug-ins called Extras (*.xtr)
  • Many standad image adjusting tools and color corrections
  • Automatic enhancing of images form digital cameras and scanners
  • Many built-in filters and effects
  • Photo Retouch set of brushes can "paint" contrast, sharpness, color corrections etc..
  • Adding beautiful Lens flares or sparkles to your images.
  • The Rubber Stamp can cycle - wrap on the image
  • 12 standard modes for any brush, image nozzle, stamp or other retouching and special effect brushes.
  • Edge-Smart Brush mode for edge - sensitive painting
  • Multiple Undo and Redo
  • Colorize images
  • The help file explains each tool and procedure with examples and detailed 'behind the scene" descriptions
  • Support for major image formats including PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, PCX, TGA and Adobe PSD
  • Fast loading

.. and more

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