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Canon S10
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Canon S10

While this isn't the newest Canon camera, it is by our opinion one of the best from the S series Canon made. These are S10, S20 and new S100.
While S20 has 3.34 Mega pixels it has also more noise (because the diodes on CCD are smaller ?)
This is not a review of the camera. We just want to show the basic functions and overal look.

Canon S10 has 2.11 Mega pixel CCD. The camera has solid metalic feel. Unlike many other cameras where the plasts were used, the whole Canon case is made from Aluminium / Magnesium alloy. This makes the camera very tough which is also very important.

The self protective lens is 6.3 - 12.6mm, F/2.8 to F/4.0, 2x zoom lens (equivalent to a 35 - 70mm lens on a 35mm camera). The 2x Zoom is a little limited (would be nice to have 3x) but still fine.
The camera sizes are: 4.1 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches (105.4 x 69.4 x 33.8 mm) and weight 9.5 oz. (270g) .

The majority of controls are on the back of camera. On the top there is aditional LCD display and the Mode dial button.

The macro function allows you to capture subjects from 12 - 46 cm (4.7 -18 inches) away.
The Self-Timer has 10 second delay after you press the shutter button. In Manual and Image mode you can adjust Exposure Compensation (from -2 to +2EV) and white balance.
The camera has 3 image sizes: 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960 and 800 x 600 and 3 compression settings: Superfine, Fine or Normal quality.


To see even more cool tools go to our home page.

S10 uses a rechargeable, nickel-hydride NB-5H battery pack or a 2CR5 lithium battery.
In the US the PowerShot S10 is sold in without the NiMH battery and charger, however in Canada the S10 is sold with all (as a kit)
CR2016 lithium battery is used to backup the internal clock and calendar.

Camera uses CompactFlash card and it has CF II compatible slot, so you can use high capacity CF cards such as 340 MB IBM Microdrive.

With the Speed dial on the top you select Auto mode (Where the default settings are used), Manual Mode (where you can change and adjust Image Size, Compression, Exposure Compensation, White Balance, Contrast, Sharpness or Gain (ISO 100, 200, 400). Also you can change metering from center weighted to spot. The Spot metering is great if you want to take picture of object aginst bright background.


Rresolution 1600 x 1200
1280 x 960
800 x 600
CCD 2.11 Million
1,92 Effective
CYGM type 1/2"
Zoom Optical 2x (35-70 mm)
Digital 2xOptical , 4xOptical
Focus Auto
from 12 cm in Macro
Aperture Automatic F 2.8 - 4.0,
No manual control
Shutter 1/1000 s - 2 s
No manual control (you can select Fast or Slow in Image mode)
Flash Auto, Fill, Red Eye Red. Off, Slow Sync in Image mode
Burst mode 1.7 frames per second
Connection USB or Serial PC/MAC
Batery Life With NiMh bateries between 50 and 80 images.


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