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Canon S10
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Images from Canon S100

1. This would be a shot on the better side of S100. It has a light blue cast, but still the image is ok.
See full size.

3. This one was disappointing. The weather was great on that day, lot of lights nice sky and green colors. Nothing like that on the image. :(
However this is the worst image the camera produces It is just pity that S100 makes many of the outdoor images looks like that.

5. Close-Up image. The image has realistic color tones, with a very little blue cast while little darker midtones, but that's easy to fix. Well this is an image of the Advantix ELPH brother...

Let's face it: as a new 2.1 MP camera the Canon S100 is a little disappointing. But it is the smallest 2MPx and very cute one!

2. While the image could be ok, we are again a bit disappointed - the light conditions were perfect, the sun was behind the camera on the left and the yellow color was really shiny in real life.
The ColorCastFx can fix the blue cast and make more visible details in shadows but we can't get back the shiny orange-yellow color. The image is after adjustment acceptable, however it is loosing the point why we took the shot.

5. This is probably the best shot that camera did that day. Image is well balanced with natural skin tone. However the next shot made at the same location with just different angle was again too dark.

These images shows that while S100 produces in most cases acceptable indoor and close-up images, the landscapes and many outdoors are far behind S10 or Nikon. You would need a lot of tweaking to get the colors you want.

The camera would be great for you if you favor the small size and you don't mind a better (not best) quality.

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