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PPP - Pretty Private Pictures is a Windows image password encryption and Secure Steganography tool / viewer. The images when encrypted with password will show on the disk as a different innocuous looking image.

An additional example of professional usage would be sending watermarked preview images that can be unlocked for viewing or export with a password.


Pretty Private Pictures


Home Licence
25 USD

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PPP uses security through obscurity and encrypt and conceal images inside another innocuous looking image.

Besides protecting images of your bachelor party from your boss there is also other, more professional usage where you can distribute your stock photography together with a viewer that will appear as a preview with watermark until it is unlocked.

Innocuous images
When protecting your images you can have them hidden inside another, innocuous looking picture (it is called Steganography), such as painting. We even supply you with couple of those Host images to get you started.


When protected, the image will show only its Host image, not the real image in explorer, any viewer or editor. The encrypting and decrypting is also fully lossless process and nothing in the image will be lost, including any special tags or data.

PPP is very comfortable to use and it works also as a fast viewer for normal or protected images in thumbnail or full size.
Another interesting option is to conceal the full image inside its own preview with an watermark and or another effects such as blur that can be then removed when the password is supplied. The PPP can automatically convert whole directory of your images with those options.

Such image will show as a small preview in explorer or any viewer but can be later unlocked and exported into a full version with correct password.

Batch Processing 
You can Encrypt and Decrypt single image or whole directory of images. When you supply a folders with Host images, PPP will randomly choose the Host image for Steganography and correctly format it and size down automatically.

No restricted encryption
PPP use different data obfuscation and it doesn't use any known restricted encryption algorithms so it can be used in countries that have restriction for data encryption.  
PPP offers comfortable level of protection for any normal usage that also withstand to normal forensic probes but it is not a tool for military grade encryption.


  • Protect Images with data obfuscation and encryption
  • Use Steganography to hide the images inside innocuous looking pictures on your disc
  • Doesn't use restricted encryption
  • Fast viewer for encrypted and unencrypted images with thumbnail or full size style.
  • Boss mode quickly shows the images in its safe look by pressing space-bar.
  • Support for most standard image formats
  • Supplied with some Host images of paintings for Steganography to get you started
  • Host image generator can generate many usable host images from just few large sized pictures, if you don't have enough innocuous looking images
  • Easy to use and attractive GUI with simplified drag-and-scroll 
  • Images are decrypted in memory
  • Can work from USB sticks
  • Safe image deletion


The best is to download Trial Version!

Commercial use

Home and Commercial license is the same software, but the commercial license includes fully distributable special viewers that can be included with the protected images. (At this moment there is only a Windows version)

Important: We sell PPP itself in a category of Home software because it offers a comfortable level of protection and it also withstands to normal forensic probes, but it cannot be viewed as an "industry" level encryption. This is also valid for the Commercial license, the only thing that commercial license gives you in addition is the right to distribute the special stand-alone viewers.

Years ago we were selling a predecessor to the current PPP and this was a favorite option for some content providers so we simply continue to offer the same in a commercial license. Please make sure you understand the limitations.

Commercial license:

The commercial license includes additional special stand-alone re-distributable royalty-free PPP viewers that are for viewing and optionally exporting the images and can be supplied with your pictures on CD/DVD rom or other way in unlimited quantities. There is no other restriction. (Windows only)

The special player versions don't need any installation or any registration code and will not allow to encrypt data, only to view the hidden images when password is entered and/or export the images. (Option to export images can be left off so then it will work only as a viewer)

The distributable viewer will automatically start with the folders selected that are in its path - so for example if run from CD/DVD they will start showing the images and folders on the CD/DVD rom.

The Commercial license is $150 and include:

  • the registration code for the PPP to create the protected images
  • Stand-alone redistributable View-only viewer
  • Stand-alone redistributable  View & Export viewer.

Note: No restricted encryption
PPP use few different data obfuscation and it doesn't use any restricted encryption algorithms so it can be legally used in countries that have restriction for data encryption and neither its export doesn't fall into restricted category.
PPP offers comfortable level of protection with its obfuscation for any normal usage that also withstand to normal forensic probes but it is not a tool for a industry grade encryption (what would spies, government and military use).


Sorry, we cannot get back your lost passwords.

Free Trial

Platform: XP, Vista, W7 (32/64 bit)


PPP - Pretty Private Pictures

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista or XP (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • 1 GHz processor or better
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 1 GB of free disk space
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (highly recommended higher resolution)


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