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Main Features

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Photo-Brush has many of the tools and features of the much more expensive professional packages,

but it has also many new and unique tools as well.

Open and work on multiple images at the same time.
More than 30 different Brushes.
Wide range of selection tools, some of them very unique.
Each brush has its own library  of predefined variations.
You can paint not only with color but also with texture - many variations are available.
Image Nozzle for spraying cute images as well as photographic quality images.
Natural and artistic brushes simulate real painting techniques.
By using cloning techniques you can turn photography into painted art.
3D brushes simulate shaded pipes or ropes.
Support for pressure sensitive tablets.
Texture pick can make a seamless texture from any part of your image.
TWAIN support for scanners and digital cameras.
Support also for 32 bit film scanners.
Support for Adobe compatible plug-in filters (*.8bf).
Filter plug-ins can even be used across the network.
Photo-Brush can search for the plug-ins.
Support for external procedure plug-ins called Extras (*.xtr).
Many standard image adjusting tools and color corrections.
Automatic enhancing of images from digital cameras and scanners.
Many built-in filters and effects.
The Photo Retouch set of brushes can "paint" contrast, sharpness, color corrections etc.
There are Special Brushes for Red eye removal or cleaning of the skin, warping.
Adding beautiful Lens flares or sparkles to your images.
Antialiased text with rendered shadows or a 3D appearance.
The Rubber Stamp can cycle - wrap on the image.
12 standard modes for any brush, image nozzle, stamp or other retouching and special effect brushes.
Edge-Smart Brush mode for edge - sensitive painting.
Multiple Undo and Redo.
Colorize images.
Little Planet and Droste effects
The help file explains each tool and procedure with examples and detailed 'behind the scene" descriptions.
Support for major image formats including PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, PCX, TGA, Adobe PSD and a wide range of digital camera RAW files (reading).
Fast loading

.. and more